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In order to enrich our children’s experience we provide a number of activities, which are primarily indoors with additional outdoor activities weather permitting. It has been proven that playing games and engaging in physical activity contributes to improving the self-esteem and confidence in children, which has provided improved social interaction and collaborative learning. Some of these activities assist in improving children’s fine motor skills and eye to hand coordination.


Board games are an enriching acitvity that can both bolster learning and enjoyment while teaching beneficial social skills in early age. It also encourages healthy competitivness and the chance to master new skills and concepts such as:

 - shape, number, letter and colour recognition.

 - Grouping, counting and reading.

 - Eye hand cordination and manual dexerty.


The games we play include Monopoly, Twister, Connect 4, Draughts, Snakes and Ladders, Cluedo, Chess, Guess Who and many more...

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Participating in crafts can enhance a childs creativity but also allow their imagination to fluorish. It is a beneficial method to express emotion and understanding that can further be a building block to a life long interest. We encourgae children to be more inventive and thoughtful through a range of diffrent equpments such as sewing, using felts, card, clay, play- doh and several other tools. 

Using felt pens, pencils, charcoal, pastels, crayons, water colour paints, fabric pens and glass paints on various materials, Children can utilize their skills of observation and interpretation in creative ways. The use of arts can further develop a problem- solving, open mind that can poduce a sense of accomplishment that contributes to an increased self esteem. 



Building and Construction in play can attribute to an individuals motor skills their recognition of spacial awareness and establish both an organised and inquisitive mind. With the use of Lego, Mecarno, Knex and Duplo bricks these tools can be the building blocks  to basic concepts found in science and engineering from gravity to spacial relationships and experimentation of structures. 


Road maps and various toy vehicles, dinosaurs and sets of wild animals. For dressing up we have a variety of costumes such as, doctors, police officer and their ancillary items. We also have a collection of hand puppets and dolls, which demonstrate diversity reflecting the community we live in.

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Through the competitions we play, competing both as an individual and in groups promotes participation and healthy competitivness. While co-operating with other peers helps develop fundamental social skills and interactions. Some of the games we play include; Spot the difference, Word Search, Alphabet game and with the assistance of the children we improvise quizzes and other games. 





We have use of the school hall and playground where we play football, rounders, skipping, dodge ball ,bat and ball games and table tennis. The playground has a new climbing area and outdoor exercise equipment for older children to use. Physical activities promote fitness, develop social interaction, improve gross motor movement, core skills and improves confidence.




We aim to provide a range of actives that cover all areas of learning. We follow the Early Years Statutory Framework to ensure our youngest children have the opportunity to develop to their potential. We differentiate activities to support older children's learning and their homework. Areas of learning covered are: maths, literacy, understanding the world, expressive arts and design, communication and language, personal, social and emotional and physical development. 


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